The Wuyuan Skywells’ finished form strikes a sophisticated balance between Chinese heritage and modern comfort. The team respectfully restored the 300-year-old mansion, neglected for decades, to its former glory.

The team approached restoration not only with the intent of creating a high-end boutique hotel experience, but that of invigorating the essence of the building, and upgrading it while honoring its spirit and history.

Heritage architectural features such as the Tian Jing (Skywells) that let in light into the inner courtyards, the timber frame, and elaborate wooden carvings in courtyards were either painstakingly renovated, or fully recreated with the help of meticulously-sourced local craftsmen.

The contemporary interiors of the 14 rooms ensconced within the early Qing era design lend the property a subtle contrast with traditional Huizhou-style design in public areas, inspiring awe in guests’ minds.

Elegant, luxurious, and wholly authentic, the edifice integrates tastefully with its physical context- the millennium old Yan village in Eastern China- all while retaining a striking presence.

Photography by Marc Goodwin and Xia Zhi

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