Project address: 118 Zhongguancun East Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
Main designer: Luo Jin.

The new headquarters was renovated from Jinwuxing Plaza. Previously, Jinwuxing Plaza was a factory site under complicated conditions.The renovated new headquarters is a 2-floor, steel-structured office building with a capacity of 1700 employees. Ideal has reorganized the interior spatial structure as well as its outside arrangements. The new facades have kept the previous steel frame structure with the cover of the black carved steel boards and interpenetrates with the two “boxes”.

Behind the auto-gate is a main corridor. This “street” and its branches connect all the subsectors of the office zone. Spaces of varied size, functions, styles are interconnected as an integrated system. Thousands pieces of information are flowing inside this system, just like a sophisticated cerebral nerve system.

The key part is the mega-connected office zone. The innovative design of carving holes on several floor brings in natural skylight as well as connectivity between floors. Inside this zone, numerous bridges, tunnels and rope nets make it possible to connect with everyone.

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