This is the design of two hotel rooms, and the designer has designed two completely different styles in two identical standard rooms. Each room is only 20 square meters, one of the rooms is prepared for the couple. This room uses curvaceous elements and romantic caring, white and rose-red, a heart-shaped top and wall, with elements representing men and women in the room. Another room is Oriental hermit style, extensive use of bamboo, including bamboo flooring and the mountain near the bamboo. Bamboo separates the tea room from the bedroom, and the mirror makes the space more far. Using cement made a natural shaped mirror on the bathroom wall. Living in this space is like hiding in a bamboo forest in the mountains.
The design of these two rooms in the very small space to achieve all the needs of furniture and space as a whole. The clever use of the mirror designer has practical function and to make the space more exciting. Although only 20 square meters of a room, but the space has unlimited possibilities. People in space can have infinite dreams.

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