Life must be full of love and laughter, and enjoy the pleasure of the night. Baisheng garden is located in the most prosperous business district of dongguan city. It is located in a gathering place of high quality residential areas, with a strong commercial atmosphere and close to convenient transportation. The case for hundred sheng garden lobby lounge, in addition to providing basic functions such as reception, leisure and entertainment, is also expected to provide a modern best in together the joy of, the fun of life and art beauty of profound experience.
Life and entertainment should be two sides, in the life of pleasure, in the life of pleasure. However, in the era of rapid development, life sped by, and modern people hurried to catch up, and it was difficult to slow down the enjoyment of life. Looking at the painting of The Times, with a delicate and sensitive heart, the designer tries to share the joy of the modern people in the leisure and entertainment. Therefore, the designer took the inspiration from the ancient custom „the beginning of the spring water“, which means that people gathered together in this case to share their lives, make the noise and get the joy.
The desi

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