“Acknowledging to surrealism”, as the main idea for the design plan, develops the fantastic living experiences and displays the art of surrealism in the hotel, which manifests the beauty of strength, tenderness, comparison and temptation.

Showing the distinguishing accomplishments by the five surrealistic masters, who are Magritte, Delvaux, DALI, Ernst and Mir, the designer ingenuously presents distinctive styles ubiquitously in the hotel, from the hallway, the doors and to the rooms. The hotel is a perfect example showing surrealistic styles in real life.

Inspired from these five surrealists, the designer emphasizes the geometrical skills bringing into existence an enticing hotel, in which the elements of styles, colors and materials create “unrealistic reality” and “fanciful real world.”

The drawers and suitcases represent endless dreams and aspirations.
Created by Magritte, the gigantic artworks express fictional contrast that the overwhelming lines and shapes artistically dance in the air.
The white curved surfaces unfold as if blue sky.
The exotic experiences taking a journey to surrealism are the best part for the hotel.

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