Super Terrace – Vanke Daxing
The mixed use development is composed of a 20,000 sqm large shopping mall, a 124 meter tall office tower as well as a 63 meter tall serviced apartment tower.
With a focus on good gathering spaces, CLOU equipped the central atrium with a series of suspended indoor terraces and galleries. These terraces serve as typical gathering spaces (square, market place, balcony and promenade). Escalators and walkways weave them into a three dimensional urban pedestrian network creating an extension of the public domain within the shopping mall.
Observing that urban activity in Beijing is often performed indoors, CLOU attempted to create (urban) pedestrian possibilities inside the Vanke Daxing Shopping Mall. Indirect natural light floods the atrium space through the shed-roofed skylight, allowing outdoor daylighting conditions within the mall. Finishing touches are being put on the interiors and façade.

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