In 1984, Chi Xi village was defined as the first Poverty Alleviation Village in China. However, the special political status of this village results in a complex condition. In May of year 2017, with invitation from a national TV program to renovate a house as an example of protective development, we chose the abandoned house in this village with the hope to break the deadlock situation and bring new hope for the local people.

Springingstream has a two-floor building renovated from an old structure and a one-floor guesthouse rebuilt at the location of a sheep shed. The 275sqm house is proposed for future Minshuku.

We preserved parts of the existing and reclaimed old timber, stone bases and other available materials in the region. Local villagers with building techniques were hired to insure the traditional construction methods. We designed an effective ventilation system to provide natural cooling. Inspired by the surrounding mountains and the ever-changing fog, the curving roofs also correspond to the inhabited South China architecture culture.

Like planting a tree, we want Springingstream rooted locally and to grow into the surroundings, naturally.

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