The SIRIUS-concept breaks the conventional structures in the construction of playground equipment and proves at the same time that a high play value does not necessarily have to exclude an attractive design. The big seat membrane, which was consciously installed at the highest point of the area net, creates not only a communication platform with a spectacular view, but also the goal of the climbing experience; a big and open space, just right to “chill out”. The users can move almost upright around the inner dome without having to leave the area net. Through this, the children can develop their creativity and change the area net into the new play area. Quite popular is , for instance , a different version of the game “tag”, where catching each other in the area net requires a higher degree of skills than just on the ground. Three nets, specifically designed for lying, are part of the basic unit and invite its users to linger and chat. The equipment does not require foundations. The anchor frames assembled through a plug-screw-system and enables an easy, fast and apposite assembly. A hot-dip galvanizing guarantees a long lifespan.

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