The designer puts the green color in the Logo into the design, the deep green walls spread to the top, and the jade sand glass on the corporate wall closes at the same width. Dark staircase, as well as the connection office and reception area door is black, green and black, the colour of these two seemingly have no relationship under the designer’s clever play is very natural and harmonious. „Tetris“ through a second cabinet has brought the brand-new visual experience, different size, color of door plank in the echo of the overall design and release a relaxing signals at the same time. All the functional Spaces on the second floor are arranged around the leisure area, with a large area of transparent glass material. Besides maximizing the space utilization, it also allows the eyes and light to move in and out freely. As a corporate enterprise color green, by the designer’s elaborate, by a large number of clever with the different functional areas, at the same time with the right amount of black do set off, we will easily get a breezy, the main body of office space.

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