This project is a 900m2 laboratory/office for a world-class medical-grade salt plant in Huai’an city, China. Within the lab a team of technicians carry out quality control and testing procedures for various segments of the production process. The program includes laboratories, ultra-clean rooms, chemical testing rooms, office spaces, chemical and samples storage, and a lobby and reception area.
Purity is an essential focus of the salt production process and a driving concept for the spatial design. The plan is conceived as a regular array of salt crystals. A series of offset cubic protrusions accommodates each of the key functions. While the main building geometries are rectilinear, entrances and key elevations are characterized by contrasting fluid curvatures to create welcoming gestures to users. The interior is crisp and restrained – white walls, linear strip lighting and light-colored tiles define the spaces. In key rooms, a warmer atmosphere is conjured by combining wood and wood-grained exposed concrete. Full height low-emissivity glazing provides ample daylighting and pleasant views of the Jiangsu countryside from the workspaces.

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