As the ancient form of “Mi”, the Chinese character “pronounce Mi” is to find by hands and eyes, while its meaning in space is more like searching with physical body and embodied mind.

The main part of the bookstore is a promenade called „Mi Road“, along which different functional areas are extended to “branches”, instead of the open display of the traditional bookstores. Through lines for persective, cold lights with future sense, the visible and invisible parts between real and virtual situations, readers have a sense of ritual to explore further in the bookstore before reading.

It’s another extension of “Mi” concept to make the readers as a part of the bookstore. With about 2,000 squre meters, the bookstore offer more than 300 reading seats for free. Each cheerful reader is a unique landscape of the bookstore. The seemingly casual areas including the small venue besides the entrance window and the study in the study make reading full of improvisational exploration.

Thanks to great comfort from reading, Reading Mi allows more abundant souls to find themselves in this exploratory space.

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