The Rainbow Chapel is multi-functional events space enclosed within a kaleidoscope of colour. The venue is truly one-of-a-kind – its multi-hued facade creates an all-embracing atmosphere. Our desire was to provide an intimate setting for people to come together to express feelings of joy and love – the unique circular form and magical glass reflections make it a welcoming environment that is perfect for uplifting ceremonies and congregations. The Rainbow Chapel is a heartfelt addition to the city of Shanghai; it is both sleek and highly artistic, while still serving as a sacred space for people to celebrate momentous occasions. The circular structure represents fullness and unity. A water passage marks the transition between the two volumes, and upon entering people are surrounded by over 3,000 glass panels, painted in vivid shades. In reference to traditional church structures, the stained glass windows have a modern twist – the high cylinder transitions like a rainbow from red, orange and yellow, to shades of green, blue, purple and pink. As the sun moves around the facade, reflections bring the whole chapel to life.

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