I always have a dream to achieve which is every city should redefine at least one „smiley building“ to bring along joy and happiness to citizen by going back to the origin. Everyone listens to music, while piano is well known to everyone which it could be either solo or accompanied. So I decided to use piano as my first design concept of this project. Yet I would like to connect the city with forest, to maintain the greens and provide a good environment to interact with the citizen even in the main area of the city, Taichung, Taiwan. By enriching the level of spaces, the “virtual” and “real” of spaces to form a conflict but well interacted with each other in order to express its sense and aesthetic of spaces. The natural sunlight passes through from top and also the steel structure to the interior atrium, to reconnect with the exterior and feel the different of the shadow from time to time, just like a dancing shadow. The main wall of the reception is made by titanium metal, to form an elegant space. Before enter to the central atrium, we will first see the glass door with laser-cut tree trunk pattern, yet only enter to the atrium that connect with the natural sunlight.

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