Manufacture Design, the new Saguez & Partners‘ office

Built in 1922, the 160-metre-long industrial hall, where Alstom used to build trains, is the only historic building to be conserved in a new eco-district in the Greater Paris. The design agency Saguez & Partners had to find the right balance between the monumental nature of the structure and an open and inspiring ‘think-tank’. Since its installation in 2017, with its open-mindedness, the new Manufacture Design building allows outside city life to enter the building. By setting up a design school, and 2 restaurants (one corporate with a 50-person capacity and one open to the public 7 days a week), the Manufacture has reinvented itself as an incubator laboratory that aims to ‘work and to live better together, tomorrow’ with its city, students, partners, and clients. Like an office-hotel, the Manufacture helps to regenerate physically and intellectually with 2 sport halls, which turns into a brainstorm room and a concierge service. There are also spaces to work differently: tearooms, book and material libraries, 11 diversified meeting rooms, 7 quick points for holding impromptu meetings and 1000sqm of terraces and gardens.

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