The office site, locating on the first floor, was a Karting Club before. the lighting problem is very outstanding, however, the 4.8 meters height impressed me deeply.
I conceive it from the actuality and concept of space. It is the significance of design to make different people have different understanding when they see different scenes. The space is more than beauty when it is full of feeling plus humanity.
Customers would feel the emotions and sensations as well as the marketing concepts from the operator of the company when they enter the foyer which is the combination of arc sculpture and space construction. It is beauty mingled with a vision shock and a story narration.
Breaking the limitation of space layout, we define the space in a new dimension. Both the arc areas have their own function, so the vision experiencing is highlighted.
I always believe that design should not be restricted by the function and also designers should not define their specialties or even their preferences. Vice verse, we should conceive the space from the concept and layout. The concept will be existed forever while the
beautiful texture will be faded ultimately.

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