This is an art hotel model room at Shanghai International Design Exhibition. Located in Shanghai New International Expo Center exhibition hall. In a little time and space, designers use the traditional Tai Chi philosophy to express the style of fashion. The temporary building was placed on a mirror and the island was isolated from noisy surroundings. There is a bridge leading to the central island, which produces yin and yang in and out of the island. The island is a water drop shape and a zero shape. The island grows from the nothingness of the mirror, the island represents „Tao.“ The curve of the wall is just like the change of tai chi figure. This space looks different from a different perspective there will be a completely different shape and change. Space inside the bed and table with mountain and tree elements, as well as the golden coffee table and red sofa. All these colors and shapes represent the five elements, which are the five basic elements of nature in Chinese Taoist philosophy. This space sometimes looks like a yacht, sometimes like a cozy resort hotel, sometimes like an abstract sculpture. It crosses time and space, giving a different experience and imagination.

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