We think that interior design is the result of summarizing the kinds of life and culture. When we design a brand new space, we will make the the unique style by moving line, light change, the material, and the plant decoration that will make space owner (user) have unique personality and charmming space, and we committed to creating a full of art and humanistic demands of the actual situation story in this space.

The case space is a bistro restaurant, in order to show a comfortable space, not only from the material decision, also creative lighting, tables and chairs to create more eye-catching space. We are good at mix and match the wood elements, cement mold effect, with a strong visual sense of the neon light lines, will be able to emerge the original texture and modern simplicity, to make people feel food fresh strongly, at the same time, to merge eastern simple and western modern smoothly.

And in according to the needs of moving lines, we created a vision that meets the simple modern for the owner, especially for the visual needs of commercial space, and also use the neon line lighting devices, adding a humor to the space.

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