The designer extracted the two characteristics of molecule – „connectivity“ and „aggregation“ into our design. For example, we used cement to stick cobblestones on the two towering walls on the left and right side, whose rough texture gives people a sense of being real. The metal, lightweight glass and transparent acrylics are crisscrossing, and straight lines are adopted to build the display racks which is in longitude-and-latitude shape; just as repeated expanding of the molecule – with drugs put on them, the display racks seem to disappear from the space, while the colorful drugs act as paintings to color the walls. The space is thus floating with breathtaking abstract art atmosphere.

The laboratory table is stacked with solid wood, original cortex of a trunk over a hundred year is taken as the base of the table, together with the hanging green plants that grow profusely, it looks like an original forest. This subvert the dumb atmosphere of a traditional pharmacy, and also turns medicine and health care into a healthier lifestyle. As an unprecedented integration of three business types – drug display, dispensing experiments, and life experience.

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