Mad for Garlic is an Italian restaurant chain in Korea. In keeping with the restaurant’s winery feeling, we came up with a traditional brick motif reminiscent of an old European wine cellar. We covered the whole hall including walls and ceilings with red brick making the space feel gothic and cavernous.

One aspect that sets this design apart is that we have deviated from the rounded roof style typical of the old wine cellars, and have gone for a modernized angular ceiling. The long lines of furniture conjure images of medieval banquet hall.

The air conditioning, ventilation, and fire shutters in the ceiling are sleekly disguised as the divisions between the ceiling panels in order to maintain the aesthetic.

The rustic brick finish is diffused by the inclusion of glass and metal in order to contrast classic and modern, and rough and refined.

The open kitchen and wine cellar at the edges of the room provide lines of sight from the entrance, and dilute the cavernous feeling of the space.

What sets this design apart is the straightforward, minimalist approach that still contributes to a well-rounded, authentic aesthetic.

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