The TAP Lounge presents a rectangular plan with strong longitudinal expression, containing a significant number of pillars in its interior whose circular shape suggested us to explore the curve line in the two-dimensional plane and the spherical shape in the three-dimensional plane. One of its two facades, the largest, was fully lined with glass allowing a privileged view over the track. Maintaining this facade was one of the first assumptions of the project, which in parallel should respond to different functional and comfort needs. The choice of concave shapes on the other walls of the room constituted an effective element of acoustic optimization, in consonance with absorbent coatings of walls and floors with the use of fabric and cork. Another characterizing aspect that allowed the framing of the pillars in space was its transformation into light supports with the use of circular forms that elliptically descend from the ceiling. The lighting of the space is complemented by light bulbs embedded in the ceiling and by circular cork lamps that zonify the functionalities of the lounge space.

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