Kinka and Kinton are located in the heart of Seoul. The “Passage-of-Time Garden” unites the Kinka and Kinton restaurants under one roof. Diners step through a Q-block partition, and into a Zen garden that seamlessly blends the two restaurants into a single aesthetic.
Kinka’s design captures the Japanese ‘Zen’ appeal with all-natural soil, stone and wood materials. The layered earth side wall is reminiscent of the gradual process of sedimentation, the ripples in the earth further draw the eye down towards an Asian pine tree outside a window. The high-quality natural materials are designed to last, so will only begin to look better with time. In addition, the point color lights set at different heights lighten the heavy mood of the space.
While Kinka is dark and ethereal, Kinton is much brighter. Grained wood are complimented by indirect lighting that throws the textured surfaces into high contrast. The lights in the center of the space cast an array of different shadows, and encapsulate the feeling of the sun moving across the sky.
The sunken space allows diners to step straight from the downtown bustle into this tranquil Zen garden, with bird sounds rounding out the atmospher.

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