Designers combine the idea of owner built a very cool and modern indoor environment, between the deep coffee color and light coffee color metope like ribbon winding fusion, throughout the indoor metope modelling is like running water, has been extended to the top, top of the formation of irregular shape. Unique sense of the modelling of metope modelling increased space and stereo feeling, arc structure in the sense that gives a person extremely soft, the characteristics of the coffee that can be just soft play incisively and vividly, a high degree of compatibility. And through the change of light and shadow, endow the indoor space with different temperament, enhance the quality of space. The modelling of the work station and the condole top modelling of above appear unified, in fact strewn at random have, continue the style modelling of whole space, romance and exquisite. The whole storefront is as smooth as flowing water, uniform streamline form and coffee color, bring strong form aesthetic feeling, without a bit redundant adornment, less is to get the perfect interpretation.

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