KARESANSUI are composed of six small buildings and an old Tibetan house, visually, the two buildings where the restaurant and lobby located are floating in the air. Bridged by corridors, the buildings are undulating and interweaved with each other. There are 15 guest rooms in total , in addition, there is a lobby, a restaurant and a tea room. Unique indoor design could be found in each guests room, while giving guests great sense of privacy , it shows the beauty of new oriental Zen. One of the buildings keep the original Tibetan structure, and local Tibetan elements are added to its architectural and interior design. When designing the window, Xu Xujun made full use of the great view, making it possible for guests to enjoy the painting-like scenery of blue sky, white clouds, sunrise and sunset just by looking out of the window. The transformation of new styled buildings and the old Tibetan houses is natural and harmonious. The scale of the hostel is not big, but it is exquisite. The space function layout is ingenious and just perfect. While standing out, the buildings blend into the surrounding environment and hostels perfectly.

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