Jewelry is often associated with celebrations, which is signified through the theme of giftbox in this design. Overthrowing the cliché image of local traditional jewelry shops, 1070 giftboxes of various colors and materials are installed throughout this experience shop, surrounding customers like piles of gifts.

Glass box display cabinets are set around the shop, greatly enhancing the mobility and creates a comfortable shopping experience. Some boxes are installed along the wall to serve as mini consultation tables. In the center, display cabinets are surrounded by colorful sitting cubes in a causal manner. The cubes are made with different fabrics, patterns and shades of pink to resemble giftwraps.

Digital screens in the ceiling display graphics related to products, establishing a modern and cyber atmosphere while enabling customers to find out more about the products. The customized carpet has abstract pattern of the brand name’s abbreviation, CTF, which is very uplifting and matches with the shop’s color scheme.

The shop displays tools of jewelry production, sketches and prototypes, which are all specifically chosen by the designers. Decorating the shop and creating a

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