Rooted in the city’s dual structure under the conflict of social stratum differentiation, the small business ran by ordinary townsfolk is now struggling various living difficulties. Our contemporary aesthetic experiment transforms the sidewalk snack diner to a modern dinning space with distinct characteristic that meets the need of civilized city development.
„Hi, Miss Rong“ Hot Pot Snack Diner is located in an old residential building within an urban alleys. Only two kinds of material used in the whole space: white concrete and coloured electroplated stainless steel. The concrete tiles are designed with the shape of five letters: NHRXJ, which are the initial letters of diner’s name in Pinyin, strengthening brand identity. The stainless steel walls divide the space into three dining areas of different atmospheres. Using coloured electroplated stainless steel in a large scale is an innovative application for possessing distinct brand feature, which is easy to be spread by new media and attracts the young people who follow modern aesthetic trend. The lights, stainless steel walls and wide window alongside the street create a transparent and bright diner all together.

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