The Fono is an outdoor DJ table and hangout for teenagers and other music lovers.

The Fono is designed to give the teenagers of today something positive and creative, instead of putting them away in boxes outside the city. And what better way to do that than with music, and even better: DJ-ing. Dutch DJ's are export product nr. 1 of the Netherlands and the new rock stars. With the Fono DJ Table the new generation of children can aspire to become a famous DJ themselves.

The Fono works with your mobile phone. Just play the music on your phone and place it on the mobile pad on the Fono. The Fono will immediately amplify your music through its speakers, you can play right away! Use the rotating discs to control DJ effects, mix the music together from two phones, or record parts of your Music. The only limit is your creativity.

The Fono is energy independent as it works on solar energy. The product is designed to last in extreme weather and extreme usage conditions. As the Fono does not need cables it can be places anywhere: in a park or playground, next to sporting facility or to change any other public space into a music hangout.

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