The whole project occupies four floors in the building. Three floors are for office, the other is conference center.

“Box” serves as the starting point during this office design process. By embedding, subtracting and extruding the boxes, the designer creates and lines up a sequence of positive and negative spaces throughout the whole office, which meet various functions, like reception, meeting, private working area.

Each box, having different and unusual spatial proportion and scale, conveys varied emotion. For example, when the nature light penetrates through the opening, the red tunnel-like passage evokes a sense of mystery. While the yellow private working box provides people an immersive space experience and makes people feel calm and stay focus, due to the same color carpet and sound-absorbing fabric applied for ground, wall and ceiling, thus improves the working efficiency and avoids mutual interference.

In the reception Area on Conference Floor, thanks to the soft light from the background luminous glass, the stage-like reception box makes even the ordinary behaviors feel like performance. The user experiences both inside and outside the box become so distinctive.

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