The idea of CAVE project stems from ancient cave.While mentioning ancient cave, the pure and good scene,like people clustering around fire, singing and drinking,will then occur in our mind.
In the CAVE project, designer has remade the spatial feeling of ancient cave in a contemporay medium.The main method to deal with spatial ralations is to use variety-size stereoscopic hole –wall as the main interface throughout the whole space.
These semi-round door and windows make it stand out the boxy buildings. Through any exterior door and windows, the bar table of CAVE CLUB can be seen at any angle. After steping inside, people will find it is a futher experience than standing outside. The space is independent but also with obscure boundary, semi-open booths and open-hall are all shaped by variety-size holes. No more conventional space interva.Thanks to the semi-open space, object, figure, sense of vision, smell and audio seems all integrate.After experience, what people can feel here is the space open but also independent.
This project does create the relations it makes the relationship between people and space,space and space,independent but also mutually interpenetrated.

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