After bouncing and entering the cup, the ping pong ball splashes and, finally, settles. The process of the beer pong game inspires a dynamic, active concept. By abstracting the processes of this game, the formation of the space becomes a performance in itself. Arc-shaped lights lead the rhythm of the game, surrounding people with an exciting atmosphere; at the same time, the styling of arcs and lines of movement maintains a sense of unrestrained freedom, making people feel as though they are in an adult paradise. In the rear of the space, a smooth cement pillar resembles a trophy with a modern linear design. Similar to a ping pong ball falling into a cup, it also serves as a symbol of victory. The crystal ball chandeliers in the nightscape viewing area elicit the image of splashing water after a ping pong ball falls into a cup. The image of water falling to the ground, elicited by the chandeliers, is completed using round lights on the floor that flash in sync with music. Using traditional design elements and modern styling, this design creates a spatial experience with a mobile, an ordered, and a continuous integrated concept.

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