When the bell and drum from the Bell And Drum Towers echo in the air of Beijing, the city dwellers can’t help but recall the long-lasting music of sanxian, a three-string musical instrument, which was popular during the early 1990s with its simple, harsh but captivating sound. The memory of it makes one’s heart pounding. Then, it was the melodious sound of the flute played by Dou Wei and the song sang slowly by He Yong, which took us back to the worldly and beautiful scenes of the past. The drum and bell of the past seem to linger and disappear vaguely in the air.Time passes in calmness. People are content with the easy, warm and real life. Desiger intends to replicate this simple attitude toward life that people of the past held using the lyrics, which reflects the unique feeling of a local who has experienced by himself the transition of the Beijing city. Desiger wants to express a life attitude supported by one’s inner spirit, simple, humble and full of human touch. With cup of warm tea and peace of mind, we can share the stories among us and recall the memorable moments. The entire design aims to fill the space with natural feelings and take people back to a poetic environment.

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