Alveolus, which means alveolus in the city centered on a deep pause and creative air to awaken life, intends to uniquely approach the value of ‚daily life‘ hidden through a whole space.

A Whole Day
‚Alveolus‘ contains small chunks that we can easily pass by. The white petals that are dancing in the wind, the small trembling of the shadow of a tree on the wal it is a secret place to feel the whole time like touching the flowing time by hand.

Lifetime of Urban City
Much has changed as we have changed, and it has been taken for granted. But ‚Alveolus‘ has minimized changes in appearance and hopes to become a milestone in the future

Pleasure to be together
Alveolus is a space for „community dining“. Taking a meal together is simply an action to reduce hunger, but it is also an act of both sides of another coin to appease the „hunger of the heart“ filled with busy daily life.

The Ideology for Design
First, it was constructed as an open space that minimizes the walls to lead continuous conversation. Second, the artificial processing was abolished and the physical properties of the materials kept intact. Third, Focusing on original function makes not fade the value

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