Located in Istanbul, Maslak an area of 236 m2 is designed for Urban Riders. The main purpose is transforming the office building into a dynamic, powerful and modern spinning studio. Architectural elements such as concrete ceilings and walls, ventilation pipes are completed with brick surfaces and metal material and transformed into an industrial space.
The design is intended to leave dynamic, energetic and powerful influence at every point of the gym. When creating this effect, compatible and functional forms, materials and colors were selected. It is intended to make the customers feel the spirit and concept of the spinning studio from the moment of entry with a stunning showcase with LED rings. The walls inside which have been painted with neon colors by a famous graffiti artist have been completed the energy of the studio.
Thanks to both floor and ceiling insulation, the studios looks like an isolated flying room. Project serves nice atmosphere to their customers. The goal of Urban Riders Project is to satisfy mostly the young generation who could do sports, enjoy and relax.

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