The project is a handmade leather workshop located in Taiwan.
The owner who has worked on leather over a long period of time, she had hoped to establish her own handmade workshop.The interior designer has visited several tannery, and after studying on the case for a while, the designer hoped to connect people during the process of the handcrafting, so they decided to open floor plan, letting people interact in this open space.

The whole space aims to replicate the English factory, the designer uses the technique that is usually used in a movie scene: the rough paint wall, the orderly arranged exposed pipe. The barn door is also presenting the “make-do” feeling of an old English factory.

The primary function of this space is to display the leather goods, and provide an open space for the handmade workshop. By using a gray palette, the designer emphasized the color and texture of leather. Also by adding the details with rough materials, a natural untrimmed feeling comes through the worn wood and corroded metal in the details.
Through the layout of the space, minds settles while feeling the warmth of leather, letting more and more people experience the beauty of handicraft.

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