YANG HOUSE Museum is located in the famous Chinese historic city, Suzhou, which is awarded the title of „handicraft capital“ by UNESCO, adjacent to the ancient city wall and the moat which has a history of more than 2000 years.
The museum has collected and displayed handmade products, materials, and manufacturing processes from the world. The process of manufacturing studies the methods, techniques and aesthetics of manual creation in different countries and regions from the past, the modern to the future, and the course of their continuous evolution. In the present and future of virtual interconnection, how do traditional humanities and digital civilizations evolve and blend? How will the traditional artistry and the new material process be combined? These are the issues which YANG HOUSE Museum considers!
The museum space is reformed on the basis of a traditional Suzhou garden, which is divided into two parts: indoor exhibition hall and outdoor garden exhibition area. The white Y scaffold system indoor, the elemental carriers in the area, brings a sharp contrast to the museum. The virtually approaching material is to serve as a foil to the substantial sincerity of manufacturing

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