Mulan weichang is located in the north east of Hebei province, connected to inner Mongolia grassland, which is one of the most beautiful landscape on the earth. The ancient chinese emperors used to hold autumn hunting festival through the history. Our main goal is to blend the building into this vast nature seamlessly. 3 different ways are create in order to achieve the goal. The first is to be inspired by local architecuture. The second is to use local material including old stone, used wooden beam and ratten. Together with surrounding micro landscape, the building could fit into the vast nature.The main core of the building is the double circled lobby, also served as an local library. The second floor provides the area for kids. The design concept of the main loby is based on the yurt interior. In the future, it will also be the central library for the region. Local children could come here to read and play. In the future, this building become The Catcher in the Rye for this region. We hope different people with different faith could come here to play together, sharing different ideas to forge into a strong group.

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