MOKA _ A museum as a journey of play, experience, and learning Visiting a museum is typically acknowledged as boredom to children; Museums tend to have long circulations, and lacks resting spaces before reaching a cafeteria at the end. The tendency of short concentration of children, and their parents were the trigger of creating a new museum typology. The circulation of this museum was planned to be perceived as a journey. The first encountering columns are manufactured with F.R.P (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), and constitute the exterior façade and the interior of the gentle ramp. Functionally these columns act as mullions holding the glass, and as trees for the parents and children’s journey. The pods within the main space not only act as vertical circulation, but also sit-able alcoves for reading activities. These elements were designed with specific dimensions to fit a child’s eye level, spatial density, width and height and provide children with unique visual, spatial experiences that cannot be found in one’s usual surroundings. The MOKA is a unique environment of experience, play, and learning by its differentiated scales of spaces and the circulation within.

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