If all people are different then why are all modern buildings similar?

Based on this slightly provocative question, BIG and Gehl Architects designed the building, AARhus.

Naturally this Bjarke Ingels building called for a brand identity which has never been seen before and rethinks the visual communication around buildings.

The name is graphically divided by highlighting AAR in capitals. In this way, the name of the building is clearly differentiated from the name of the city. The logo has a calm, likable and highly recognizable form, which plays well with the eye-catching architecture. The shape is solid, safe and harmonious and is inspired by the shape of the building, the ground plan and town arms.

Although the homes in AARhus are in the expensive end of the market, the project’s tone of voice is raw, playful and artistic rather than traditional, polished and exclusive. This has been achieved by the choice of materials, urban portraits and the cooperation with young artists such as Daniel van der Noon, who adds power to the visual identity by his iconic and easy recognizable drawing of the building.

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