Xiaomi Sub-woofer is include a 6.5″ active driver and a 6.5″ passive radiator. Emphasize the music quality, at the same time reduce the Sub-woofer’s size. Small size, but high music quality. The sub-woofer is connected to a wireless sub-woofer. It connect with sound-bar by Bluetooth. The design concept is inspired by Chinese tripod, steady and substantial. It is full aluminum body. Small size, but the sound is very shocking. With Xiaomi sound-bar use, manufacture extremely shocking sound effects. People watch movies at home more and more. TV itself sound effects can not meet people’s demands. Xiaomi sub-woofer provide excellent music experience for users. The full aluminum body and simplicity image are fit the today’s home style. Wireless design allows the sub-woofer placed in any position. Manufacturing cinema sound effects in the family.

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