For more than 70 years Wolf cooking instruments have been synonymous with professional cooking equipment for restaurants and hotels, and the serious in-home cook. The challenge was to distill Wolf’s legendary heritage, power and finesse into a mass manufactured High-Performance Blender that still carried all the hallmarks of this legendary brand, and gave consumers a new point of entry to the Wolf brand experience. We focused on the key tenets of performance and precision and selected materials and components that would specifically deliver on these brand dimensions. A thoughtful reduction of the products silhouette, combined with exaggerated handles and knobs, and a stylish melding of digital and analog technology resulted in a simple and iconic design statement. A 2.4 peak horsepower motor that spins the blenders blades at over 210 mph was used to enable the creation of the smoothest of smoothies, purest purees and more power intensive unconventional foods for a blender such as nut butters and fruit sorbets. Blending precision is achieved through an infinitely adjustable twist dial that allows users to blend ingredients to their exact preference.

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