MSI Vortex is a mini gaming desktop. Only 6.5 liter make its volume half of the competitor in the market. In order to put two GTX-980, two M.2 SSD storage and Skylake 6700K CPU in side, msi decided to adopt cylinder shape which is the best form to place most parts. What’s more, to fulfill gamer’s need, the parts can be easily upgraded through special structure design. And to achieve the highest performance, the body was raised higher for the Silent Storm cooling system to absorb enormous air flow to come in the machine, then through the top large fan produces turbo air stream to exhaust the heat to gain the best cooling performance. The look is like nature rough diamond stone and the light scatters by the fissure, which is telling the mighty power of Vortex. The I/O arrangement on the back was adjusted to fit the user’s behavior. Annoying cables and universal plugs are assembled and hidden by the raised bottom side. Delicate design details can be seen by 360 angles. Gamers not only can enjoy extreme fluent game playing tempo, but also step into the well-designed visual gaming world.

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