The T-Stand headphones stand was created in the unique form of architecture. The clean and simple architecture seamlessly integrated functionality, aesthetics and sense of sentimental. The headphones are supported on the top by arc form silicon holder which can deform to fully fit the curve of headphones. The ear pads are hanging on air without pressure to ensure long lasting elasticity and sealing. The middle frame is formed by 2mm thick steel plate to provide the strength and weight for stable support. The frame is powder coated with premium color for slim and soft appearance. The narrow waist of the frame give impression of a slim and tall lady. The base is a silicon cable holder. Headphones cable is organized inside the holder for clean and tidy appearance. The holder circular shape gives impression of a speaker which allows the stand to be placed with musical equipment in harmony. The soft silicon with frosted texture feels like soft baby skin. The intimate textures give sense of sentimental when touching them. The T-stand is packed in minimal space without assembly to minimize shipping and storage cost. User can easily assemble them without tools.

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