The Mini-Clutch Speaker™ was designed to blend elegant styling, functional storage and premium sound. The Mini-Clutch™ effortlessly pairs with any Bluetooth®-enabled device, has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calls, opens to reveal a mirror, a handy pocket for daily essentials, can connect to non-Bluetooth® devices via aux-in jack and if your phone is running out of battery, it can charge any USB enabled device. We carried over the premium feel to the packaging, highlighting not only the overall design but the color, material, and finish of the clutch as well. It even comes with a shoulder strap and bangle for ultimate usability. We concentrated on designing a stylish, lifestyle audio product that fits into fashion forward women’s lifestyles. By creating a Bluetooth® speaker that focused on bridging the gap between technology and style, we were able to build a product that offered simple functionality and elegant design. The Mini-Clutch™ is offered in multiple materials and finishes to perfectly match any style, while creating opportunities to co-brand with fashion designers and other well known brands.

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