The Predator G6-710 is designed for enthusiastic gamers. The design theme of Predator G6-710 is armor. The concept theme runs through the whole design to emphasize the reliability and stability. This unbreakable, unstoppable war machine will be your only partner on the battlefield. The armor-covered body, enhanced IceTunnel thermal system and the cutting-edge processors and graphics provide you a reliable fortress to secure the victory with the outstanding gaming experience to vision and hearing. In addition, there are thoughtful features that are designed for gamers including Easy-Swap expansion bay for gamers to swap the drives with ease; exclusive headset cradle as a home for headsets, which allow gamers to hang their headset on the machine during the break time, and a Turbo Button for One-Punch Overclocking. Once you punch the Turbo Button, you can inspire all the potentials inside and turn on the Growl Lights on both sides of bezel. G6-710 is not only stunning in the appearance, it is also covered with circles of flames, which makes Predator G6-710 a flaming tiger, devouring the prey without mercy. The red flaming light will be the last sight in the prey’s eye.

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