G1 is an armor-covered design compressing itself into a 16-liter chassis. The exciting red accent color highlights, concrete-angle, and dynamic-triangle design features present a powerful high-tech image and the full-fledged audio-visual entertaining and gaming experience. The triangle power button also leverages the powerful and aggressive image. Partly because the side covers have a certain distance away from the side case, and partly because the accent red highlight frame of side covers increases the visual strength, Predator G1 creates a dynamic flow visually, while the full-color Growl Lights allow gamers to do customization as they wish. G1 includes headset cradle designed for precious gaming headset. This thoughtful design can be popped out on the right side for users to temporarily place their headsets. The space underneath the top surface provides an easier and comfortable moving experience. It meets user’s portable needs such as gamers can carry it with comfort and confident in the Lan party. Predator G1 is the powerful armor box filled with ammunition that equipped you for any gaming battles anywhere.

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