The new Predator 17 X gaming laptop is specially designed to appeal to gaming enthusiasts. Its attractive red accented highlights, sharp-angles, and energetic geometric layout will undoubtedly catch gamers‘ eyes. The bold thermal ribs located on the rear and the front-facing red air-intake vent both add to the overall appeal. Combining all these elements together, an assertive and robust image of a laptop emerged which in parallel with its monstrous performance and reminiscent of a high-performance sports car. Regarding functionality, Predator 17 X’s uniqueness is at its custom-developed triple-fan cooling system. It consists of a front air-intake design and Acer’s proprietary AeroBlade, an ultrathin 0.1mm metal fan that maximizes heat dissipation and ensures overclocking performance. On the outside, the top and bottom covers are made from tough plastic and glass fiber (40%) composite material that matches the strength of metal, but at the same time gives flexibility.

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