We all use light and power every day, yet we all tend to forget it in the most needed places: on the go, and outside. We wanted a single device that fit into our life easily. It needed to move with us so that we never forgot it. The PowerLight Mini is a hands-free wearable lantern that you can hang, clip, or stand wherever you are. It’s a piece of wearable energy in a compact design that will easily become a staple in everyone’s bag or pocket. The multi-light modes make it perfect for a bike commuter or camper. Clip it to the included bike mount to light your way and be seen by oncoming traffic. Off to the mountains for the weekend? Unhook it from your bike and bring it into your campsite. BioLite’s edge-lighting keeps it ultra-slim and super bright without blinding you or your friends. Additionally, the red night mode allows you to see in the dark while preserving night vision. We also packed a 1300mAh battery inside the PowerLight Mini, so you can stay well-lit for hours or boost your other gear in a pinch. Whether it’s for your weekly commute or your weekend adventure, The PowerLight Mini will stay by your side so you never forget it.

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