If you want to differentiate also for your leisure travel in family, to have fun together, OPTIC is your best choice. Its design , offering a large volume capacity combined with highly glossy fluent lines all over the luggage, together with a dynamic texturation, is creating an elegant and appealing contrast. In this design we achieve a trinity between a profound injection molding technology, PP material and the new intelligent organic form, creating a new appealing aesthetic expression and emotions. The fluent glossy line going over the corners around the luggage from the front down, going up , connecting to the backside and creating an interesting carry handle and pull handle grip area, most important place to handle your luggage. This striking modern design is translated into every aspect of the case, really coming to life through its color pallet and by fully recessed and nicely integrated color matching components, zipper closure and wheel housings. This collection was designed to make travel easier also thanks to its unique interior design and texturation of the shell inside matching with the lining graphics and the overall fluidity concept of this luggage.

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