With magnificent metal and leathery material, Selfie Pro is in simple yet elegant design. The soft leathery material with delicate handcrafted stitch brings perfect sensation and aesthetics. Together with the Bluetooth shutter and its clip, it brings more extravagance and convenience as a total selfie shooting solution to the users. Selfie Pro provides mobile users with unprecedentedly amazing experience of selfie and multimedia control! With the help of MOMAX cam*, we can try additional shooting functions and convenient music player functions from a distance of 10 meters to: 1) alternate between the front and rear camera; 2) zoom in and out for the best shot; 3) change between camera and video mode and start and stop recording with a simple click on the shutter; 4) control music like play next, previous song, play, pause, volume up and down by shifting the mode to music control remote (holding the + & – buttons for 1 second to shift the mode) *“MOMAX cam”, which allows you to take selfie by gesture, is the world’s first touchless camera app designed for selfie pods. With MOMAX Bluetooth Shutter, shooting and multimedia control can be executed in a distance of 10 meters.

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