The HP Power Pack Plus is a powerful portable battery that can conveniently charge multiple devices while storing the user’s phone and messy adapters for on-the-go charging. It is constructed with a slim 1800mAh battery that can fully power a laptop, or a smartphone up to eight times. Two USB and one USB C ports are available to charge devices in addition to your notebook. Attached to the battery pack is an accessories pouch that can fit all necessary cables, cords and even your phone. The silicone strap offers convenient on-the-go carrying. Whether you’re stuck at school all day or constantly running to meetings, the HP Power Pack keeps your devices charged. Small devices, cords and adapters can conveniently fit in the zippered pouch. The silicone wrist strap makes it easy to grab-and-go without hassle. We live off our devices. The product carries the necessary equipment required to keep connected. Users can get up to eight full smartphone charges or power four devices at one time. It is a lightweight device that can go where you go and eliminate the struggle of searching for an outlet. It is compact, yet holds the cords and small devices to keep users organized.

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