ROG Claymore keyboard powered by Cherry MX RGB switches with the separation of 10 Key keyboard design; aluminum body with ROG pattern , subtly intertwined 80% and 10 key directly. Mechanical switches, Attachable USB cable and metal body give keyboard a durable. “ROG Sync” function can synchronize all lighting effect from different ROG device. Spatha Mouse use wireless/USB duel system. Wireless charging docking can stand or flat, as long as casually placed in the docking can be automatically positioned and fixed. 12 fully custom function key, which special arrangement thumb shortcuts, design for thumb can be quickly and accurately positioned. For the perfect weight and strength, Spatha use aluminum-magnesium alloy bottom case. ROG unique replaceable Omron switches and free download finger grip 3D file for 3D PRINTER, user can customize the most suitable moue and discover infinite possibilities.

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